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Thermolam is the answer to all expectations regarding facades and insulation, eliminating problems that other building covering and insulation solutions generate. Thermolam offers durability, aesthetics, and savings – all at the highest level available on the market.
Thermolam comes with a complete set of installation elements, making it a hassle-free solution. Its innovative technology combines quartz ceramic sheets with an insulation material that excels in thermal performance, durability, installation, and aesthetics. The Thermolam system combines the advantages of all previously used facade insulation techniques.
Thermolam outperforms materials like Styrofoam, mineral wool, and others in terms of durability and aesthetics, with significantly better thermal properties. It is a complete, ready-to-use facade and insulation system with an integrated hanging system for simple, quick, and durable installation.
Thermolam is an extremely attractive option when considering the overall cost of facade materials, installation materials, and the installation itself, significantly reducing subsequent building operating costs.
Thermolam panels are non-absorbent, meaning they do not lose their thermal properties when exposed to moisture, unlike damp mineral wool. Unlike Styrofoam, Thermolam is not biologically degradable.
Thermolam facades are exceptionally long-lasting.
The Thermolam system offers a cost-effective alternative to all stone facade systems. Basic prices for stone cladding in ventilated facades fall within the following ranges:


  • granite: 500-1600 PLN/m2
  • travertine: 500-1200 PLN/m2
  • sandstone: 400-800 PLN/m2
The prices vary due to the differences in the quality of the stone available on the market. The lower price range corresponds to low-quality stone slabs (high absorbency, porosity, low frost resistance, and susceptibility to aggressive atmospheric factors), often originating from the Chinese market.
To the above prices per 1m2 of stone facade, one should add a minimum of 250 PLN/m2 for the substructure necessary for its installation and at least 30 PLN/m2 for chemical, periodic (usually sufficient for one year) stone protection against aggressive external factors (impregnation).
In summary, the total cost of installing a stone facade using good quality materials ranges from approximately 1000 to 1840 PLN/m2. In comparison, despite its many advantages over stone facades, the price of a Thermolam facade falls within the range of only 480-890 PLN/m2.
Additionally, Thermolam facades do not require any periodic maintenance and are completely resistant to external factors.
Thermolam significantly outperforms stone facades in terms of installation costs. As a system, it is much easier and faster to install, reducing the time and costs of facade installation, such as labor or scaffolding rental expenses.
Another significant advantage of Thermolam facades is their resistance to graffiti. Stone facades lack this resistance, making graffiti removal problematic and often very costly.
Thermolam facades are also more resistant to soiling and scratches compared to stone facades.
The exceptionally favorable properties of Thermolam facade panels contribute to lower installation and maintenance costs. The most important factors include:
Extremely low heat loss – the λ coefficient of 0.025 W/mK for Thermolam is significantly lower than other previously used insulation materials such as Styrofoam or mineral wool, and the technology and installation system eliminate the occurrence of thermal bridges.
Longevity, chemical resistance, resistance to stains, scratches, graffiti, and UV rays, eliminating the costs of maintenance and repairs.
Extremely light weight of panels (approximately 12 kg), eliminating the need for costly substructures.
The facade thickness of 12 cm is remarkably low compared to other facades, allowing for a significantly larger usable area in the same building footprint, especially compared to stone facades.
Simple and fast installation regardless of weather conditions, which is unique in the market and speeds up the construction process.
Low total cost of the facade.
For more extensive and detailed information about the benefits of using Thermolam panels, please refer to the “Technology” section and the answers to further questions in the FAQ section.
The ecological nature of Thermolam facades lies in their longevity, which means no need for renovation after a few or several years and, therefore, no waste generation associated with it.
Thermolam’s eco-friendliness also involves low heat emissions into the atmosphere (due to the insulating properties of the material and the installation system that eliminates thermal bridges).
There is no emission of dust or harmful chemicals during installation and use.
How can I make Thermolam the facade of my building?
Contact us using the information provided in the “Contact” section!
The most tangible financial and aesthetic benefits are achieved when choosing Thermolam facade during the building design stage.
The Thermolam technology is patented in Poland and has a European patent, as well as all the required tests and certificates, and has received recognition in the form of multiple awards.

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